About Housing Evolutions

The Housing Evolutions Hub highlights the latest innovations in the field of social, public, affordable and responsible housing. Additionally, it provides a European-wide platform for communities of experts and practitioners to share and learn from innovation challenges that are crucial to enhance and promote their housing objectives.  

The pillars of the Housing Evolution Hub

  1. Bringing together best practices in the field of social, affordable, cooperative and public housing
  2. Possibilities for housing actors and professionals to exchange on innovation in different fields and organize meetings as part of thematic communities
  3. Entries from experts that encompass dimensions such as digital innovation, architecture, construction, planning, business and governance models, financing, the role of public authorities.
  4. Stories with news about experiences and benefits of innovation from Housing Europe members and others.

The innovations and best practices are shaped around the categories defined by the European Responsible Housing Initiative’s (ERHIN).

main themes

  • Economic sustainability and responsibility
  • Local social sustainability
  • Environment and Natural resource
  • Fair relations to stakeholders and Good governance
  • Responsible human resource management
  • Data and ICT solutions
  • Construction and Development
  • Finance
  • Land use
  • Organizational structures
  • Target groups (e.g. demographic categories and groups with specific vulnerabilities

With the support of

The Hub is managed by Housing Europe and received funding from the following contributors:

  • The European Investment Bank
  • ARA – the Housing Finance and Development Centre of Finland
  • The Irish Housing Agency
  • The EU Houseful project as part of EU’s Horizon 2020 Research and Innovation programme