Country: Germany

City: Essen

District: Bochold


The KlimaQuartier Katernberg-Beisen in Essen is to be developed within the framework of the project “Prima. Climate. Ruhrmetropole” project, the Katernberg-Beisen ClimateQuarter in terms of energy efficiency and in a climate-adapted manner. Together with Vonovia (a housing company), which owns a quarter of the residential buildings in the district, energy-related renovation measures are being promoted. In this context, serial refurbishment is being examined in order to reduce costs and increase the speed of refurbishment. In the largest contiguous Vonovia neighbourhood in the southeast, rainwater decoupling using a trough system is being examined. The rainwater is to be used to irrigate the tenants’ gardens and courtyard areas, including the ponds. In addition, the activation and consultation of individual owners is planned, as they own the majority of the properties and have a significant influence on the renovation rate.