El Besòs i el Maresme, Barcelona, Spain 


Country: Spain

City: Barcelona

District: Besòs Maresme

Summary of the project:

The Besòs and Maresme neighbourhood is located in Sant Martí district, in the north-east of the city of Barcelona. The initial project aimed at giving a response to the housing crisis of 1950’s and 203 public buildings were built within a period of five years (1959-1965). Public space is abundant and highly fragmented due to the isolation of the blocks.

The neighbourhood is one of the most vulnerable of Barcelona and its buildings require a severe refurbishment. From 2020, an inspection campaign is ongoing to analyse the state of residential buildings, mainly affected by poor insulation and structural issues.

The Urban Regeneration Program has the purpose of accommodating different needs for expansion (community spaces, exterior and interior, private spaces) while re-equipping and improving the existing building through bioclimatic envelopes.