People at the centre of district renovations & Financing of new district heating/cooling networks


In the fourth online training day, there will be two webinars: in the first one, Energy Cities will deep dive into the benefits of involving tenants in renovations, while during the second one, GNE Finance will address an important topic – how can we finance both new district and cooling networks.

6th September 2023 I online

1. People at the centre of district renovations 10:00-12:00

“People at the centre of district renovations” will be an interactive webinar, encouraging sustainable renovation with the end-user at the centre.

Saskia Furman from RE-DWELL will set the context for the conversation by discussing the results of an investigation into fully realised social housing retrofit projects with citizen engagement from around Europe.

Following, there will be a short presentation of the Blueprints for integrated district-level renovations that the Affordable Housing Consortium is currently developing.

Experts in social housing renovation will then present examples of user-centred renovation at multiple design scales:

  • At district scale, Daniel Muñiz Domínguez from Vipasa will present the renovation of the San Jose neighbourhood in Lada.
  • At building scale, Aoife Lawler will present the work from the Fingal City Council in Ireland.
  • At tenant scale, Queena Qian from TU Delft will discuss topics related to occupants energy behaviours.

After the presentations, you will have the chance to discuss what learned with other practitioners in breakout rooms, which will be followed by a group discussion and Q&A.

This session will provide a forum for peer-to-peer knowledge transfer, empowering social housing providers, local authorities and SMEs to better engage residents at the heart of renovations.

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2. Financing of new district heating/cooling networks 14:00-16:00

The development of sustainable and affordable district heating/cooling networks is promoted by the EU policies, as an efficient way to facilitate the transition to a low-carbon economy, notably for buildings.  These infrastructures are complex, as they require the involvement of various actors (public and private) and are also expensive as they transcend the building, affecting, in many cases, the public space (streets and squares).

This webinar will focus on the different possibilities of financing new district heating/cooling networks.

New district-level networks are exposed to significant risks, mainly related to the local market and difficulties in building the facility itself. Therefore, their financing is often a challenge. The webinar will explore different financing alternatives that have been used through different real success cases.

Moderated by Luis Quiroga, Co-founder at Asper Investment Management


  • Anders Dyrelund, Senior Market Manager – District Energy Planning & Infrastructure at Ramboll
  • Serhan Ozten,  Electrical Engineering and Serhan Gunel, Senior Sale Consultant – Danfoss Climate Solution

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