Fostering relationships between local actors & Financing of district-level energy programmes in existing residential housing


In the fifth online training day, Energy Cities is kicking off part one of the essential role of fostering partnerships to deliver quality renovation, while GNE Finance will shed light on how can we finance new district cooling or heating networks.

More information will follow a month prior to the session.

11th October 2023 I online

How to foster relationships between local actors to boost social and affordable housing renovation? 

This webinar will highlight the leading role of local authorities in advancing district-level social and affordable housing renovations. Join us to hear success stories on how local authorities have carried out difficult coordination processes working with SMEs, banks, academia, local communities, and other local actors to deliver an exemplary social or affordable housing district renovation.

Financing district-level prosumer energy programmes in residential housing

This webinar refers to energy communities of social and private affordable residential buildings, sometimes called residential electricity prosumers (producers of renewable electricity and consumers of electricity), and they can also store part of the electricity produced.
The most common approach is the installation of rooftop PV, with demand-side management and EV charging stations.
In many EU countries, electricity regulations allow and promote the development of these through “energy communities”.
This webinar aims to analyse the different financial possibilities that have been considered through the explanation of successful projects. Their obstacles and achievements.

Moderator: Stanislas d’Herbemont, Development Manager at


  • Marcel Hidalgo Sabatés, CEO and Cofounder at Watteco
  • Rudy Root, ATELIER project, Amsterdam City Hall



The training days will be focused on the content of the Blueprint Modules and the lessons learnt from the best practices analysed. They will serve as providing the main aspects to apply for successful district renovations, and give willingness for local industry partners to join more in-depth capacity-building activities.

On the other hand, the webinar series on funding deep renovation will include information and case presentations of funding opportunities, such as:

  • EU level financial and technical assistance tools (Recovery and Resilience Facility Scheme, InvestEU, ELENA, LIFE, Technical Support Instrument).
  • Mobilisation of private capital investments, such as the potential of social and green bonds, and facilitating their access for members of local industrial partnerships.
  • The creation of project pipelines to tap into the potential of instruments, funds and programmes for district renovation targeting social and affordable housing.
  • Financial advisory to members of local industrial partnerships to make complex financing arrangements for renovation at district level going beyond energy efficiency, including social innovation, access to social and local services, empowerment of residents.
  • National or local funding opportunities targeting urban regeneration projects at district level could also be investigated on case-by-case basis, according to the needs of the local industrial partnerships.
  • Funding opportunities at European level under Horizon Europe or a Smart Cities call.


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