Urban planning and architectural approaches for district and building-level renovations – Online Feedback Workshop III


The third feedback workshop will focus on the much-needed technical innovation in the renovation process and will take place online on February 22, from 14:00 to 15:30 CET. The session will be led by the European Construction, built environment and energy efficient building Technology Platform (ECTP) and Greenflex.

Since this spring, the European Affordable Housing Consortium for Social Impact (SHAPE-EU) has been busy putting together guidelines on how people-driven approaches during renovation, technical innovation, and planning neighbourhood transformation could and should deliver a fair change for communities. The end goal of this work is to support local authorities, social and affordable housing providers, and SMEs to learn and advance their own ideas on how to make the Renovation Wave happen.The end goal of this work is to support local authorities, social and affordable housing providers, and SMEs to learn and advance their own ideas on how to make the Renovation Wave happen. 

Three draft blueprints will be put to the test in February and we welcome you to join one or more of these 90-minute online sessions to share your view. Once finalised, the results will be submitted to the European Commission and disseminated to key players in renovation as a tangible outcome that advances the Affordable Housing Initiative.

The guidelines will mention you explicitly as a contributor and you will be welcome to join the major events organised by the Consortium in Barcelona, Paris, and Vienna in the course of 2023.

Contact our Innovation and Project Manager, João Gonçalves if you are interested in being part of these feedback workshops.