Portes du 18ème/Charles Hermite

Country: France

City: Paris

District: Portes du 18ème/Charles Hermite

Description of the Project:

The Charles Hermite neighborhood is a large social housing complex of around 1300 dwelling and 2300 residents. In addition to improving energy efficiency, the project aims to open up and improve connections to the city, improve comfort and quality of housing, improve quality of life, establish new services, and develop economic attractiveness through new businesses and shops.

The Charles Hermite neighborhood is located within the Portes du 18ème area within the New National Urban Renewal Plan (NPNRU), a programme launched in 2014 with the objective of deeply transforming 450 neighborhoods across the country through interventions on habitat and public amenities.

There is an ongoing process of dialogue with the inhabitants, with the creation of an information center where residents can meet with different project stakeholders, such as Paris Habitat staff, municipal agents and local associations, and take part in consultation workshops.