CREW Project

Matosinhos, Portugal Economic sustainability, Environment and Resource efficiency, Local social sustainability, Relations to stakeholders


Lipor, together with ERP (European Recycling Platform), developed an innovative project to tackle the e waste problem through different approaches CREW. The focus is extending the life span of electric and electronic equipment, while engaging and educating the community, contributing to positive environmental and social impacts. MatosinhosHabit is the partner of LIPOR (regional recycling organisation) in the CREW project, taking this project to the field by collecting and delivering various recovered electrical and electronic equipment to various institutions in the municipality.


MatosinhosHabit as partner of CREW project, aims to make the local population aware of this issue of environmental sustainability, carrying out a collection campaign with the aim of mobilizing citizens to hand over their equipment, being an integral and fundamental part of this project to change habits and consciences. The stakeholders take the responsibility to send the electronic equipments for repair centres. After that MatosinhosHabit donate this repaired equipment to families / institutions in need.

Issues tackled

Reconnect society to the legacy of repairing electric and electronic equipment by sharing knowledge and experience involving the community in circularity and sustainability. Empower the community with the necessary tools so that it is possible and viable to “Fix the World”.

Actors involved

  • Câmara Municipal de Matosinhos
  • MatosinhosHabit

Actions carried out

  • 7 hours of online repair for the general population


– Repaired equipment 2773 Kg
– Media value : 55 news with a value of 10 696€
– Direct activity reach 2500 people

Why it works

The general population feels mobilized for the environmental issue and the need to save natural resources. Through collect campaigns of electrical equipment, it is possible to promote the “circular economy” where the main objective is to fill the social needs of of the most in need population.