Eco-quartier and urban renovation

Binche, Belgium Environment and Resource efficiency
EU funded project



The Flemish Managing Authority-in the frame of the ERDF Programme Flanders- launched a
call for project proposals (covering €12 million) specifically in the social housing sector in August 2016 and was open until February 2017.
The project call fits into the Priority 3 ‘Promote the transition to a low-carbon economy’, Specific objective 1 ‘3.1 Encouraging extensive energy renovations of existing residential buildings to near-energy-neutral performance levels’.
This specific objective aims to reduce the CO² emissions of residential buildings through thorough renovations in social housing and on the other hand by increasing the knowledge and application of innovative construction techniques through training, demonstration and dissemination.

There were very specific requirements for the project proposals:
• Only officially recognized social housing organizations could apply in order to stimulate the renovation of social houses.
This is because social housing organizations can already apply for national support to renovate social houses to a certain level, therefore only projects that include investments which go further (Nearly zero-energy) than standard renovations could be accepted. Nearly zero-energy was defined as an E-level of 60. 6 E-level is a Belgian standard to meet the European requirements.

• To be eligible for ERDF support.
• Cumulative conditions must be fulfilled both with regard to
the building shell and the heating installation.
• ERDF support is calculated as the difference between a ‘standard’ renovation and a Nearly zero-Energy renovation.

Issues tackled

The VMSW (Vlaamse Maatschappij Sociaal Wonen) already supports the social housing companies in their renovation projects via the RUE funds (Rational Energy Use), and the funds from the VKF (Flemish Climate Fund). However, the objective of these resources is limited to renovate the homes in accordance with ERP2020 (Energy Renovation Program 2020). Through the ERDF project call, funds were made available to allow the social housing companies to go beyond the objectives in the ERP2020 program, and to strive for the BEN standards (Nearly Energy Neutral) for renovation in social housing.

Actors involved

  • City of Binche
  • Flemish Managing Authority European Structural Funds
  • EU

Actions carried out

  • Construction of 4 housing on the site of l'Ilot des Pastures
  • Achieving near-energy-neutral performance levels


The works resulted to a near-energy-neutral performance levels in the new homes.



More information

Implementation: 2014-2023

Total budget €750 000

ERDF support: €262 649

The ERDF support was calculated on the additional costs, ie the difference between the standard renovation (defined according to ERP2020) and the further improvement of the BEN renovation (in accordance with the 2 possibilities above).