Foyer di Cenni DAR=CASA Co-Housing

Milan, Italy Environment and Resource efficiency, Local social sustainability, Relations to stakeholders, Target groups of housing


“Foyer di Cenni” is a co-housing project dedicated to young people (students or temporary workers) who are looking for an affordable accommodation and a collaborative housing solution. The project consists of 5 big flats for 27 beds in total, located in an innovative social housing context named Cenni di Cambiamento: the largest housing development in Europe to use wooden frames, with A energy efficiency.  The flats were realized in 2013 by a Real Estate Fund named “InvestiRe” and are managed by the coop.


Between 2009 and 2014 the city of Milan registered a significant increase in the number of young residents. Data from universities confirm this tendency: 50.000 students out of the total amount of 200.000 come from outside the region. However, the 5 biggest universities in Milan only accommodate one out of every 17 students coming from outside the region. The cost of living in Milan is higher than the Italian average. The major barrier for young people coming to the city is the costs of housing and this concerns not only students but also young workers, who have to rely on the private rental market that is increasingly expensive.

Actors involved

  • InvestiRe
  • DAR=CASA Coop


The flats in the foyer are close to each other but independent. In each flat there are 5 or 7 beds, a common kitchen and living room, two bathrooms. Young people who choose this solution find an easy way to meet new people and an opportunity to share personal skills and abilities. Since 2014 “Foyer di Cenni” has been hosting more than 60 inhabitants and a large number of activities around socialization, sharing, communication, etc.

Why it works

The focus of the project is on the relationships between the young tenants, and between the latter and the broader neighbourhood.