“Gemeinsam sicher Wohnen” – Living Safely Together in Vienna

Vienna, Austria Relations to stakeholders, Target groups of housing



Every fourth Viennese person lives in municipal housing. As a social property management company, Wiener Wohnen therefore have a great deal of responsibility, including the issue of security.

Municipal housing company Wiener Wohnen launched this project, a collaboration between tenants, housing provider and local police, to increase levels of safety and security in the neighbourhood. This involved tenants identifying areas where they feel unsafe, recommendations from crime prevention experts and Wiener Wohnen acting on these during renovation projects.


Actors involved

  • Wiener Wohnen
  • Local police
  • City of Vienna

Actions carried out

  • Tenants identifying areas where they feel unsafe
  • Recommendations from crime prevention experts
  • Wiener Wohnen carrying out prevention measures during renovation projects.


The housing association focus on security when handing over keys.

They also provide advice on crime prevention on site in the homes and outside the homes.

Why it works

Since spring 2016, the employees of Wiener Wohnen have been on the “Grätzl Tour” under the coordination of the “Immediate Measures” group of the City of Vienna in the municipal buildings to deal with tenants’ concerns on site.

As part of the “GEMEINSAM.SICHER” initiative, the Grätzl police officers are now also available as contacts for the Grätzl tour.



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