“JobbEtt” – pave the way to employment and housing

Halmstad, Sweden Local social sustainability, Relations to stakeholders, Target groups of housing


In the spring of 2014 Halmstad Fastighets AB (HFAB) – the local municipal housing company – launched “JobbEtt” specifically focused on the group of young, 18-26 years, who are at risk of long-term exclusion. More specifically, it targets people who are neither in employment nor education, or registered at the national public agency Employment Service.


Employment officer seek out the young and try to find ways to get them into work or training. The participants receive an offer for a short term contract of an apartment that can be converted into a standard rental contract after 9 months. HFAB also offers financial counselling, social support and training opportunities.

Issues tackled

The aim is for the measure to lead to permanent employment and housing. Furthermore, when the housing company purchase a service from a contractor (such as cleaning companies, construction firms, etc.) a certain number of the hired employees must be residents in the area who have been long time employed.