One roof, several generations – ToitMoiNous

Lille, France Target groups of housing


In Villeneuve-d’Ascq, near Lille, a hybrid social housing and cooperative complex is home to several generations. While everyone has its own space and apartment, 11 seniors and 5 families with 13 children are a lot more than just neighbours.


With the help of “Notre Logis”, every household has participated in the architectural design of the building, a place that brings together social tenants, assisted home buyers and private buyers. What makes “ToitMoiNous” really different, however, are the shared spaces where the 40 tenants and residents have the time to talk, get to know each other and celebrate birthdays – a common garden, a studio for guests, a workshop area and a laundry room.

Solidarity between residents and living well together is fundamental. The inhabitants have adopted ‘a common life charter’ that highlights the need for acceptance of cultural diversity and beliefs; creating a place for exchange and sharing; reaching consensus in decision making; sustainable daily habits and openness to all generations.

Issues tackled

  • Ageing well at home
  • Community living

Actors involved

  • Social/cooperative housing providers in France
  • Notre Logis
  • ToitMoiNous


Creating a place for exchange and sharing of experiences between different generations. The project also values sustainable user behaviour and energy saving.





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