Residences for students and young people in employment

Rennes , France Target groups of housing


This project facilitates students and young people in employment to live together and optimises the use of available dwellings. It consists of residences with 120-160 small dwellings each, furnished and equipped with small kitchen and bathroom. The project is directly managed by the social housing provider, with a small team (including a manager and social worker) in place in each residence. The project is coordinated and facilitated by Espacil Habitat (Western France and Paris region).


Founded in 1956, Espacil Habitat is an ESH (Social Enterprise for Housing) providing rental management of housing and offering assisted home ownership (social accession and PSLA (rental-accession). Its main missions are development, rental construction and social asset management. Historically from Rennes, it is located in more than 276 municipalities in Brittany, Ile-de-France and Loire-Atlantique. 23% its housing stock is dedicated to housing for students and young workers in direct management. As of 2017, Espacil Habitat delivered 705 homes, including 553 rental homes.