Social housing & soft measures to improve the living conditions of vulnerable groups

Dupnitsa, Bulgaria Target groups of housing
EU funded project


Actors involved

  • City of Dupnitsa
  • Ministry of Labour and social affairs

Actions carried out

  • Construction of 15 buildings (150 social homes) for vulnerable groups, especially Roma
  • Establishing a new community centre


Between 2012-2015 the city of Dupnitsa constructed 15 buildings providing 150 modern social houses to at least 460 vulnerable, socially and economically disadvantaged citizens in a district
where 90% of the population are Roma.

To further improve their living conditions, the city established a new community centre for counselling, retraining, vocational guidance, housing, professional advice on situations leading to poverty and social exclusion. The aim is for the beneficiaries to find permanent jobs after the project so that they are able to maintain the dwellings in which they are housed, pay rent and provide a better quality of life to their families.



More information

Total budget: €6 311 757,06 from ERDF (grant funding from Operational Programme “Regional
Development 2007-2013)