WOMEN’S TEC- accredited training for 500 tenants in the UK

Belfast, United KIngdom Target groups of housing
EU funded project



A series of workshops was run by Clanmil Housing Association in partnership with WOMEN’STEC, an organization that trains women in non-traditional industries such as trades and ICT.

Issues tackled

The programme is designed to give people – mainly women – who are struggling to find employment the opportunity to
build skills through accredited training which will help equip them for the workplace.

Actors involved

  • Belfast city Council
  • Clanmil Housing Association
  • WOMEN’STEC-training organisation


500 Tenants of Clanmil Housing Association recieved training. To participate on this programme tenants must be unemployed or working less than 16 hours per week.

Total budget: £850,000 (ESF + Belfast city council grant + private capital)

From that initiative, Clanmil managed to get funding with WOMEN’STEC through ESF 2014-2020, Belfast city council and private sector organizations (Gilbert Ash Construction Group and JMC Mechanical and Construction Ltd).

Timeframe: 2014 – 2020

Why it works

  • The programme provided a series of taster sessions designed to teach a group of Clanmil tenants’ essential DIY skills, enabling them to do simple jobs around the home as well as offering a platform for those who might be interested to progress into accredited training and employment.
  • All training were carried out in a supportive environment and advice was provided on progression to further training, employment, self-employment or volunteering.
  • The programme is based on the model ‘supporting people, empowering communities’ which helps tenants accessing training programmes (construction, plumbing, electrics, horticulture, painting, first aid, health, IT, etc.)



More information

Tim O’Malley, Community Development
Manager, Clanmil Housing Association