Y: Cube Housing

London, UK Construction and Development, Environment and Resource efficiency, Local social sustainability, Target groups of housing


YMCA is a large but local charity working across South West, South, East and West London, providing support to vulnerable and homeless young people. They also work with children, youth and families in the community, run five Health and Wellbeing Centres, and offer a range of inclusive activities. They initiated the Y:Cube project that uses a pre-constructed ‘plug and play’ modular system which enables the units to stack easily on top or alongside each other. Each unit is constructed in hogh quality, with eco efficient materials, creating accommodation that is well insulated and thus requires less or no heating, even in winter months. 36 units have been installed in South West London and are let as temporary/emergency housing to young people who are struggling to get onto the housing market.


The Y:cube units are 26m2 studio-like apartments made for single occupancy. They arrive on site as self-contained units and each unit is constructed in the factory with all the services already incorporated, meaning that water, heating and electricity can be easily connected to existing facilities or to other Y:cubes already on site.