Training #2 Tech renovation & financing deep renovation in social housing


The third online training day shifted the focus. In the morning, Energy Cities introduced the role of technology in renovation while in the afternoon, GNE Finance provided participants with insight on the financing of large programmes aiming at a deep renovation of social housing.

10th May 2023 

Renovation of affordable and social housing districts: technical and technological innovation

Moderator, Elina Sergejeva, project manager, Energy Cities


Design and architectural approaches at the building scale in the context of a district renovation
Nerea Gomez, project manager ETCP

Schoonschip  – a sustainable, circular, residential community of floating houses in Amsterdam
Eelke Kingma, Schoonschip community member

The New European Bauhaus principles
Steven Ware, partner and architect, ARTBuild architecture studio

Watch the recording –

Presentation – SHAPE-EU_Technical and technological renovation

Financing of large programmes aiming at a deep renovation of social housing

This webinar referred to the classical large/district-level social housing renovation projects that cover both energy and non-energy renovations. Up until now, the main sources of financing have been own resources and public financing. We explored the use of EU sources of financing and of private finance.

Álvaro Salamanca Alcázar – Project Manager at GNE Finance

Edit Lakatos
Senior Policy Officer at Housing Europe

Gerlinde Gutheil-Knopp-Kirchwald
Head of housing at Austrian Federation of Limited Profit Housing Associations (GBV)

Kaspar Alev
Climate Change Specialist at Tartu – City of Good Energy

Robin van Leijen
Senior European Public Affairs at Aedes, the Netherlands

Watch the recording –

Presentation – Shape EU_Financing_districtlevel_renovation

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