Training Day #5 Fostering relationships between local actors & Financing of district-level energy programmes in existing residential housing


On the fifth online training day, Energy Cities kicked off part one of the essential role of fostering partnerships to deliver quality renovation, while GNE Finance shed light on how can we finance new district cooling or heating networks.

11th October 2023 I online

1. How to foster relationships between local actors to boost social and affordable housing renovation? 

The webinar highlighted the leading role of local authorities in advancing district-level social and affordable housing renovations. Success stories of local authorities that carried out difficult coordination processes working with SMEs, banks, academia, local communities, and other local actors to deliver an exemplary affordable housing district renovation were presented.

The speakers were:

Nicholas Stancioff, founder and chairman – Ekubirojs,

Ēkubirojs works with EU and national authorities to push for evidence-based solutions to climate change mitigation and adaptation, as well as to alleviate the housing crisis. Ēkubirojs, through its one-stop shop, collaborates with citizens, municipalities, service providers, and non-governmental organizations to support effective dEEp restorations.

Lina Bubulytė, Project Manager (foreign affairs)- Vilnius City Building Renovation Company – VšĮ „Atnaujinkime miestą“

One-stop-shop model for multi-apartment building renovation

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2. Financing district-level prosumer energy programmes in residential housing

This webinar refers to energy communities of social and private affordable residential buildings, sometimes called residential electricity prosumers (producers of renewable electricity and consumers of electricity) that can also store part of the electricity produced.
The most common approach is the installation of rooftop PV, with demand-side management and EV charging stations.
In many EU countries, electricity regulations allow and promote the development of these through “energy communities”.
This webinar analysed the different financial possibilities that have been considered through the implementation of successful projects.


Stanislas d’Herbemont, Development Manager at


Marcel Hidalgo Sabatés, CEO and Cofounder at Watteco

Rudy Rooth, ATELIER project, Amsterdam City Hall

Merel Oldenburg, EnergieSamen

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