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Vätterhem YEAH

Jönköping Environment and Resource efficiency


the World-first self-sufficient housing planned in Jönköping, Sweden

Vätterhem YEAH is a world unique housing project where 44 apartments in two buildings are self-sufficient in energy, water and also in taking care of their own wastewater. These buildings will be the first and largest buildings in the region that are not connected to any municipal network – making them 100% off-grid. The project is developed by municipal housing provider Vätterhem in collaboration with Yellon, a future-oriented architecture, design and communications firm focused on making the world a little better.


Municipal housing provider Vätterhem has been working with the YEAH (Yellon Environmental Aesthetic Housing) concept for over four years, in partnership with a range of expert companies in different areas. Implementing a project of this nature would require a housing provider that builds with long-term management in focus, because the initial investment is rather substantial. This is how Yellon reached Vätterhem with the idea. Vätterhem’s management liked the proposal, and for the past year and a half both parties have been sharing ownership of the concept and pursuing the project. For Vätterhem, the YEAH concept could possibly develop to become their new way of building for the future. They hope to transfer parts of the technology to our roughly 9000 residences in Jönköping. It’s a matter of reducing their climate footprint while keeping our property management costs down. Vätterhem’s mission is to develop and manage good properties at a reasonable cost for the residents. This project is an aspect of that work. Discussions with both politicians and municipal officials from various bodies are thus an important part of the work to make the Vätterhem YEAH project a reality. The final decision to actually build has not yet been made. It depends in part on finances and in part on a number of applications and decisions to be made in municipal committees.

Issues tackled

According to  Pär Löfstedt, Project Manager at Yellon, Sweden ….:


Actors involved

Actions carried out


A detailed plan for the neighborhood Slåttertiden 1 in Öxnehaga is being prepared in cooperation with the City Building Office. We have conducted a geological survey, and a stormwater investigation is ongoing. The architects at Yellon are working with Skanska, who will do the building, and with Vätterhem’s construction department to provide the basis for the detailed plan and eventually the building permits. The work is currently focused on standard buildings according to Vätterhem’s construction manual, since Vätterhem will build housing whether or not the YEAH concept is used. In parallel, theoretical calculations are being made with regard to economy and all the subsystems that will interact in the YEAH concept. It is estimated that residents will be able to move in by 2023.



More information

Thorbjörn Hammerth, CEO, Vätterhem
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r Löfstedt, Project Manager, Yellon
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