Guidelines to create thriving districts


Partners are leading the development of guidelines or different route options or pathways) with examples on how to deliver a lighthouse district renovation.

The guidelines will focus on the following aspects of fair renovation:

 Temporary accommodation for tenants during the renovation period.
Deliver SME-friendly, innovation, and partnership procurement targeting social housing.
Attract and include private capital (e.g., use social and green bonds) as a source for funding lighthouse districts.
Ensure cost-neutrality for residents after the renovation operation.
Team up with local authorities for the uptake of new technologies targeting social and affordable housing.
Tackle renovation of multi-apartment blocks, including multi-ownership challenges.
Architectural and design approaches that allow in individual housing buildings to address a combination of purposes: housing, economic, leisure, nature, etc.
Financial model and financial feasibility.
Regulatory framework (multi-level governance of EU/national/regional/local regulations or any necessary policy

The development of the blueprints is a collaborative effort encompassing national level organisation of SMEs, local authorities and social housing providers sourced from the networks of the consortium partners.