What are “Lighthouse Districts”?


When the European Affordable Housing Consortium speaks about ‘Lighthouse Districts’ we usually mean working models of affordable, decent homes that include one (or more) of the following features:

Projects that use technologies
This could be digital, smart energy efficient solutions, circular and modular renovation toolkits and eco-design, use of renewables as energy sources to improve energy efficiency, sustainability of the district.

People-centred business models
Here we are referring to energy communities, common spaces, co-investment in renovation, frameworks to empower residents, such as co-investing and resident-owned services, integration of circular economy approaches, as well as innovative financial models that promote social innovation, access to health and social services, opportunities for social economy enterprises, improving social inclusion, and fighting energy poverty.

Experiment co-creation and engagement practices
More specifically, these are approached to renovation at a district level, engaging several disciplines (creative, green, digital, mobility) as a link to the New European Bauhaus.