Dialogue with the stakeholders in order to build a strategic vision

Échirolles, France Relations to stakeholders
Responsible Housing Award
“Well-designed consultation process”



Since 2004, SDH is engaged in a Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) effort. In order to be consistent with its 4 values it set up consultations with its peers and partners bearing in mind a number of key principles:
▶ Respect: All stakeholders are taken into consideration aiming at the highest impact for sustainable development.
▶ Professionalism: Innovation is core criterion for collaboration.
▶ Solidarity: Accessibility goes hand in hand with creating economic value.
▶ Ambition: Employees, consumers and suppliers are concerted for the excellence dissemination.


Issues tackled

The SDH “Unis’vers 2016” project is building up on the organisation’s CSR effort and values. It is based on 5 EURO-GR® standard topics:
▶ Promote the social balance of the territories
▶ Contribute to a sustainable economy
▶ Preserve the environment
▶ Value the human resources
▶ Develop consultations and partners hips with the stake holders

With this in mind, SDH consulted a large number of stakeholders ranging from employees, occupants, tenants, local politicians, associations, suppliers, civil society etc. This approach will allow SDH to better understand the issues of today and tomorrow and prioritize them according to their impact on the community.

Actors involved

  • Société dauphinois e pour l’Habitat (SDH)

Actions carried out

  • Analysis with the help of grid weighting, SWOT analysis and Matrices of materiality


The SDH wanted to consult stakeholders and to gather their needs and visions having a clear and transparent method in order to
capitalize in these issues.
This voluntary consultation of stakeholders is a proof of acting responsibly. It opens the reflection to a variety of people impacted
by the SDH activity and encourages them to contribute to the project definition. This contribution should facilitate the acceptance
of trade -offs and implementation of action plans with stakeholders.

Why it works

Involving a wide range of contributors in a responsible and constructive has been the key to this project.

Participants were encouraged to be open and flexible and to compare their ideas.

The contributors played in the end of the day a very important role in this process.

Each manager, along with his/her team, passed half a day identifying issues related to the basic pillars of CSR that SDH could take into
consideration in their next project.