Investing in young people-HSB Basketball academy

Gothenburg, Sweden Relations to stakeholders, Target groups of housing
“Aim you shot at the basket, not at each other!”



The Västra Hisingen Basketball Club targets young people in vulnerable areas, boys and girls with natural leadership qualities and who do not necessarily regard themselves as leaders at the present time.

They choose carefully. Those selected need not be stars at school, on the contrary. The most important thing is that they have shown signs of good leadership qualities and are informal leaders. Nor do they need to be particularly interested in sports. Basketball is the platform, leadership is the tool.

Issues tackled

The project tackles:

  • the lack of involvement of young people in the neighbourhood
  • the low education level/lack of values and opportunities
  • the unsafe spaces and high juvenile crime

Actors involved

  • HSB Riksförbund Gothenburg
  • Västra Hisingen Basketball Club

Actions carried out

  • The leadership programme
  • followed by the offer of a work experience post and summer job for young people at HSB Gothenburg
  • HSB Academy is also investing in creating meaningful leisure time for boys and girls between 8 and 15 years of age living in Biskopsgården


The pilot project started in 2016 with 10 participants. After an intensive autumn, the first batch received their diplomas and now the management of HSB Gothenburg have decided to invest in a further two management programmes and homework help for young basketball players in Västra Hisingen Basketball Club.

The HSB Academy is a clear concept produced to be extended so as to accelerate changes in attitudes and to create opportunities to encourage good values.

Why it works

  • close cooperation with the municipality, volunteer organisations, sports club
  • Providing children and young people with a sensible alternative as well as a much-needed structure in their daily lives
  • creation of security in the housing area while improving the children’s and young people’s chance of education



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