Renewable Energy Community of Magliano Alpi

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The Renewable Energy Community «Energy City Hall» (REC-ECH) of the Municipality of Magliano Alpi is a non-profit entity created in December 2020.

It is compliant with the Italian Law, that early adopted the European 2018/2001 (RED-II) Directive (incentives available € 110/MWh of self-consumed energy).

It is based upon the open and voluntary participation of Citizens, Small and Medium Enterprises (SME) and the City of Magliano Alpi.
It is a private body who embeds both public bodies and private entities, and paves the way to innovative public-private partnership (PPP).

Its strategic objective is to use energy as the catalyst of local sustainable development.

The web site is:
The REC-ECH is also ERA-NET Living Lab & Testbed:


Magliano Alpi is a City in North-western Italy, not far from the border with France. It all started on April 28, 2020, when the City Council of Magliano Alpi decided to adhere to the “Manifesto of the Energy Communities for an active centrality of the Citizen in the new energy market” promoted by the Energy Center of the Polytechnic of Turin, which focuses on the centrality of the citizen-prosumer and to offer services to its members and bring socio-economic benefits to the local community.

The Municipality of Magliano Alpi is small (2,230 inhabitants), but is playing an active role as a Public Administration in the development of innovative models for the development of the territory . The mission of the City is to create opportunities and to raise awareness about the importance of a new “green” approach to improve both the environment and living conditions.

The CER must become a catalyst for “ local short supply chains “ of SMEs, with high a strong cognitive, economic and technological value.

The Municipality is also aggregating a “GOC “(Community Operational Group ), a cooperative entity, aimed at creating a “short supply chain of technicians, designers, installers and maintenance workers. The CERs therefore represent the catalyst for this process of aggregation of skills on the territory, essential for creating development and jobs in the post-pandemic phase.

Issues tackled

Creating RECs
Enabling synergies between building retrofit
RECs and e-mobility
Designing innovative business models
Participating in EU calls
Fostering initiatives for sustainable mobility using renewable sources within a governance model based upon Renewable Energy Communities (REC)
Creation of RECs in compliance with the rules established by the Italian government who early adopted RED-II Directive
Magliano Alpi’s operational REC for testing and benchmarking purposes
Partnership with several cities who are starting the creation of RECs
Pilot sites for EU projects
Business opportunities for technology providers

Actors involved

  • City of Magliano Alpi
  • Energy Center of the Politecnico di Torino
  • IFEC - Italian Forum of Energy Communities

Actions carried out

  • Creation of the FIRST Italian REC in compliance with the European RED-II Directive, adopted by the Italian Government
  • Member of RESCOOP
  • Member of IFEC
  • Member of ERA-NET Living Lab & Testbed
  • Supporting other Italian Cities to create new RECs
  • Founding partner of ATENES AUC


FIRST Italian REC in operation in compliance with the European RED-II Directive, adopted by the Italian Government
Support to other Italian Cities to create new RECs
Community member of IFEC
Founding partner of ATENES AUC

Why it works

It works and a replication process is in course, with a series of RECs being created in other Italian Cities with the support of the REC-ECH of Magliano Alpi.