Supportive Cohousing

Turin, Italy Local social sustainability, Organizational structures, Target groups of housing


The aim of the ATC del Piemonte centrale project is to favor the social integration in public housing neighborhoods. The main feature of this project is to build up a real social network that includes ATC, volunteers and tenants, Young volunteers go live in the public housing neighborhoods, and they get a rent reduction in exchange for at least 10 hours per week in volunteering (in the framework of an action plan dedicated to the tenants). Every action in the plan is evaluated by a working group made up of social service workers, ATC, local police, organizations and associations that manage the supportive cohousing project. Today there are 7 supportive cohousing projects in different neighbourhoods in Turin, and the total amount of flats involved is 30 for about 50 cohabitants in rotation. The project is carried out in cooperation with the Municipality of Turin and it receives funding from “Housing Programme” by the foundation Compagnia di San Paolo.