Urban rehabilitation program in the city of Pécs with re-settlements of residents

Pécs, Hungary Environment and Resource efficiency, Target groups of housing
EU funded project



The project focuses on infrastructure interventions and in the long run with the aim of the developing the Eastern part of the city. That is why the project should also cover segregated areas and areas adjacent to vulnerable areas. Obligatory activities include the rehabilitation of temporary housing and the re-settlements of residents (moving + container
houses). Other complementary actions include a continuous social work, which according to the specific requirements
of the call, takes place in such a way that the persons concerned are prepared during the 6 months prior to the commencement of the construction work.
Community motivation, community building, forums, workshops, thematic presentations will be organized hand in hand with Clubs of activities such as Handicraft Club, Photo and Film Club. In addition, designing and organizing community programs is helping the target group to learn more about health, culture, public security, sport.

The activities
were carried out through a strong mentoring which aims to strengthening the social integration of residents. The implementation of the project does not involve the displacement of the low-status population due to the appreciation of the area but the contrary: the goal is to provide modernized social housing for these vulnerable target groups and to improve the housing conditions that can significantly enhance their social integration and improve their quality of life.

Actors involved

  • Municipality of Pecs

Actions carried out

  • Renovation of 137 municipal housing
  • Re-settlements of the residents during the works
  • Soft measures: social work, community programmes, mentoring
  • Handicraft Club, Photo and Film Club



More information

Total budget: €1,97 million (88% from ERDF)

Timeline: 2016-2019

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