Well-being and Fitness for employees of Habitat 62/59 Picardie

Coquelles Cedex, France Human Resources
Responsible Housing Award
“Comprehensive approach including physical training, alimentation and daily habits.”



This event focuses on actions related to colleagues’ physical activity,
well-being, healthy life style and diet, continuing a long-established practice within the company. Habitat 62/59 had already installed a fitness room in the basement of the head office at Coquelles. This room is available to all colleagues, free of charge. Fitness and yoga classes are held three times a week at the company headquarters at a very affordable rate for colleagues.
Finally, financial support is offered to local associations that organise sports activities, in which colleagues are encouraged to take part such as inter-company football competition etc

Issues tackled

Habitat 62/59 Picardie identifies the wellbeing of colleagues as a crucial issue for the company and has decided to introduce specific measures aimed at enhancing their quality of life, helping them improve stress management. The measures increase motivation and contribute to reducing absenteeism and sick leave, in particular. At the same time the organisation’s initiative boosts social cohesion and reinforces team spirit and interpersonal relationships between staff and management.

Actors involved

  • Habitat 62/59 Picardie

Actions carried out

  • Yoga and fitness classes at the headquarters
  • Organisation of inter-department sporting challenge
  • Running sessions, walking initiated by colleagues
  • Organising a conference on healthy life style to raise awareness among colleagues concerning issues such as nutrition, addictions, physical activities and sleep.
  • Organising healthy breakfasts and meeting local producers


The participation rate is 92% with almost 170 participating colleagues. This event was an opportunity to bring together
all colleagues based at head office, agencies and local staff and to strengthen cohesion among the teams.
With regard to physical activity, the results show poor core strength, which could be the cause of back problems, and a
clear decline in physical condition among the over-40s. Inactivity is high: 36% engage in no recreational physical activity whatsoever.
Figures provide with a valuable profile of the staff. As far as diet is concerned, women are in line with national recommendations while a significant number of men are
overweight. With regard to well-being, only 20% of participants sleep well, and 15% of them sleep very badly. 20% of colleagues are smokers.

Why it works

The individual assessment sheets provide each colleague with a confidential indication of their “fitness quotient” which is a reliable tool. The results are consolidated for all colleagues and filtered (according to sex, age etc.), offering information concerning the state of fitness of colleagues across the board and shaping a tailored action plan to address the problems identified.