SHAPE-EU travels to Bologna and Eurocities’ Social Innovation Lab in October


SHAPE-EU will participate in Eurocities Social Innovation Lab that will take place on 19-21 October in Bologna, Italy. The event will prompt city representatives to share and co-create innovative solutions supporting an inclusive and just energy transition.

“Eurocities social innovation lab is one of the best places for the SHAPE-EU project to be represented,” says James Thorogood, Project Coordinator of Shape-EU.

A crucial requirement of the mentioned energy transition is making sustainable housing renovations affordable for all.

An excellent example of renovations will be presented by Shape-EU partner Legacoop Abitanti, the cooperative that manages one of the 100 lighthouse renovation districts projects that include innovative features.

The company movement in Emilia-Romagna has a distinguished history in regenerating deprived urban areas. LEGACOOP members from Bologna and the wider region will share their unique approach to urban renewal and ensuring that cities remain affordable. They will also discuss the ‘multi-level’ challenges of the current context for delivering a fair energy transition and the possible role of the EU in overcoming these.

“Together with the project and local organising partner LEGACOOP, we have developed a brilliant programme where participants can gain crucial insights into a cooperative approach to urban regeneration,” adds Thorogood, “including the opportunity to work on multi-level governance challenges in implementation driven by these real-world examples. One of the most exciting SHAPE EU and Eurocities events this year, I’m sure’”

Additionally, before the Social Innovation Lab starts running, Shape-EU will lead Eurocities Working Group meeting on Housing and Climate Change and Energy Efficiency, focused on the lighthouse districts renovation.

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