Training #3 Financing of district level programmes of private affordable housing led by public institutions


In this webinar run by GNE Finance, we reviewed several approaches to finance these programmes. A key issue that these programmes face is by convincing dwelling owners to renovate their houses, in particular, energy renovations have generally a low priority for them. Financing can contribute significantly to this objective, notably for lower-income households.

25th May 2023

Moderated by Eduard Puig Maclean – GNE Finance.


Ignacio de la Puerta Rueda – Director of Territorial Planning and Urban Agenda of the Basque Government

Françoise Refabert – Founder of Vesta Conseil&Finance and co-head of Energies Demain

Sylwia Słomiak – Strategic Advisor to 20+ mayors at Association of the Wisloka River Basin Communes, In-house consultant for PROSPECT+ and Big Buyers, Country expert for Poland at European City Facility, and Founder of FINDINITIATIVE

Watch the recording –

Presentation – SHAPE-EU. Finance webinar

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