Training Day #1 – Financing of district-level renovation of private affordable housing led by financial institutions & Social innovation in renovation


The Affordable Housing Initiative support programme (SHAPE-EU) has been up and running for a year.

A series of online training days have started in spring 2023 and will run throughout the rest of the year.

On April 12, GNE Finance introduced you to the financing of large renovation programmes of private affordable housing while in the second half of the day, Energy Cities focused on how to introduce social innovation in renovation.

Renovation of affordable and social housing districts: social innovation

How to optimise the engagement and strengthen the position of the local community in energy renovation projects at the district level? TU Delft is developing social innovation blueprint guidelines for actors involved in such renovation projects.

Participants also heard the testimony of Progetto Energheia, an initiative initiative that renovated several condominiums in the Turin area in Italy both improving the energy efficiency of buildings and creating energy communities for their inhabitants.


  • Dr Queena K. Qian and Prof. H. J. Visscher, Technische Universiteit (TU) Delft
  • Ezio Chiaramello, ACEA Pinerolese Energia S.r.l.


Moderated by Bénédicte Weber, Energy Cities

Download the slides from the day below.



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